Batch No. 4
Schwiegermutter's Hefeweizen


This is a completely unmodified, simple Austin Homebrew recipe for hefeweizen.

Heated 2.5 gal filtered tap water to 150° F, turned off heat and soaked grains for 15 minutes:

1/2lb Carapils

Returned to boiled, added malt extract:

7 lbs Wheat Malt Extract

Returned to boil, stirring heavily. Added bittering hops:

3/4 oz Hallertau

Boiled 55 minutes, stirring often. Added aroma hops:

1/4 oz Hallertau

Boiled five more minutes, and then cooled in sink of ice water. Temperature was 85°F after 20 minutes. Stirred well during cooling, and splashed in primary fermenter. Added water to make 5.25 gal. Specific gravity was 1.051 at a temperature of 79°F. Pitched yeast at this temperature (yeast had been out for several hours and they looked hungry).

Beer came out well, seemed rather heavy for a hefeweizen. Little less malt mext time, and make sure the amount of water is correct.