Batch No. 3
Modified Stuck Pig
(tm) Honey Brown Ale

This batch of the newly named Stuck Pig is almost the same as the last one. Once again I used half Ozarka water and half filtered tap water, and the basic AHS Boddington's Clone recipe. This time, however, I added a full cup of raw honey to the wort. All else is exactly the same except the addition of filtered tap water brought the total volume to 5.25 gallons.

Specific gravity at 80° was 1.050, adjusted to 1.054. Pitched yeast at 80° F - yeast had been at room temperature for 24 hours. Fermentation started in less than twelve hours and stopped on the 4th. Racked into secondary fermenter on the 6th. Specific gravity at this time was 1.010 at a beer temperature of approximately 73° F. There was a definite hint of honey in the aroma. Beer as usual tasted rather sour and fizzy.

An odd haze built up on the lower part of the carboy, extending about two inches above the yeast cake. I have no explanation for this other than that it must be caused by impurities in the honey. It rinsed away cleanly after the carboy was emptied.

Bottled on May 18. Added app. 4oz extra priming sugar (just regular table sugar), to try and make a little more carbonation.

Bottles opened on 6.8.03 were quite well carbonated. The beer seemed slightly more bitter than the last batch, but was a good honey brown ale. I think I'll use less honey next time, as it seemed to overwhelm the light fruitiness that the last batch had with a heavier honey brown taste.